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Without help from the community collectNWData wouldn't display so much network configuration data and analyzes for so much common network configuration. In addition a lot of feedback from other people from the community helped very much. Unfortunately the list would be too large to mention everybody per name.

Provided here a sequence of commands to gather information about networkstatus and -configuration  This was the base for the first version of the script.  
Created a lot of proposals what to include in NWEliza tests which made their way into the script. Was also very helpful in discussions about networking and WLAN questions and problems. 
Had various suggestions how to improve NWEliza and NWCollect.
Provided input in particular for Broadcom cards and helped to get answers for questions and problems with WLAN 
helped to test the collectNWDataGUI prototype and finally to get a running GUI for collectNWData 
Laurentbrunomcl, lijews und Eliza:
Helped to translate the messages of collectNWData in other languages.  
The Linux community
Reported bugs and helped to find and fix them and had suggestions which tests to add to the script.
I had so many contacts related to the script and it may be I forgot to mention somebody who made a major contrinution to the script . Please contact me per eMail and I'll add you to the list immediately.
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