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Initially the script collectNWData was not localized and created only German messages because it evolved in a German Linux community. Later on English messages were created whenever somebody with a non German locale called the script. Now it's downloaded from a lot of different countries all over the world.
It would be nice for the international users of the script if they get the messages in their native language. It doesn't take more than 1.5 hours to translate all the script messages for a native speaker (Confirmed by brunomcl and lijews who created the Portuguese and Polish translations). There is no programming experience required. Pls contact me or create a comment on this page and provide your eMail address which is visible only by me if you're interested to translate the messages into your native language. Please download the messages from here and translate them right now. Everybody familiar with Linux gettext and it's tools to create translation files should download this po file . The file contains instructions how to update the file and send it back so your language can be added to the script by me. But please post a commenton this page that you're working to translate the messages into your language and nobody else doesn't start in parallel with the same langage. Then it's my job to include your messages in the script.
Following people created localized messages for the script:  
 Czech   Eliza
 French  Laurent
 Portuguese  brunomcl
 Polish lijews
Everybody is welcome to provide message translations. Don't hesitate to send an eMail to nls at linux-tips-and-tricks dot de if you have any questions.
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