Starting with version 0.6.2 now supports not only openSuSE but also the other major Linux distributions based on RedHat, Debian Slackware and Arch. Many thanks to  Rain_Maker, Grothesk and glako for their WLAN Beta tests to get this major change out of the door.

On all distributions in the table below was tested. All other Linux distros based on  Redhat, Debian and Slackware should work also. For everybody with a Linux distro other than the ones in the table it's worth to give it a try and call the script and check the results.
Regressiontest support for newer distribusion releases was provided by spoensche und tomm.fa.
   Distribution  Script testet with version

GUI tested with version

 arch.png  Arch 2.6.38


Python 2.7 has to be installed first

 centos.png  CentOS  5.4, 6.2  6.2
 connochaet.png  connochaetos  2.6.32  
 debian.png  Debian  5.03, 6   6
 fedora.png  Fedora  12,16,17 17
 gentoo.png  Gentoo  12  
 knoppix.png  Knoppix  6.2  
 kubuntu.png  Kubuntu  9.10  
 mageia.png  Mageia  2  2
 mandriva.png  Mandriva  2010  
 mint.png  Mint  8,10,11,12, 13, LMDE   11,12,13
 suse.png  openSuSE  10.3, 11.0, 11.2,11.3,11.4,12.1, 12.2  11.4,12.1,12.2
 ubuntu.png  Ubuntu 12.04,14.04  


glade-gtk2 has to be installed first




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