Star InactiveStar InactiveStar InactiveStar InactiveStar Inactive collects a lot of network configuration data. They are passed to NWEliza and are analyzed for common errors. There are no system modifications done. Proposals for tests wer also provided by following people from the community. See the list below for the tests executed by NWEliza:
  1. lspci is inspected whether a network controller card or ethernet controller card was detected by Linux 
  2. ifconfig is inspected whether a ethx exist which has a valid IP address
  3. ifconfig is inspected that all network cards have different IP addresses
  4. ping to an external IP is done. If it doesn't work a default route is looked up which has to exist.
  5. ping to an external DNS name is done. If it doesn't work a nameserver entry in /etc/resolv.conf is looked up which has to exist.
  6. /var/log/messages and /var/log/boot.msg is scanned for firmware load problem error messages
  7. MTU is calculated and compared to the MTU of the nic used by the default gateway
  8. Alle network interfaces are checked for APIPA IP addresses.
  9. All network interfaces are checked for send and receive errors.
  10. A warning is generated if ipv6 is enabled
  11. If the classic network configuration method with ifup was selected a warning will be created to use knetworkmanager
  12. If knetworkmanager is used to control the network it's checked that ther exist no configuration files for the interfaces in
    1. a Windows driver was installed in parallel to a Linux native driver
    2. whether the windows driver was installed correctly
    3. whether the windows driver architecture matches the Linux architecture (32 vs 64 bit)
  13. It's check whether a HW switch to disable WLAN is turned on
  14. WLAN cards are checked to have a connection to an accesspoint and whether an ESSD is set
  15. If messages on the interface were dropped a warning is written
  16. Invalid characters in the SSID according IEEE 802.11 are detected



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