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I 'm excited by Linux and I love Linux. A huge Linux community helps newbees how to use Linux the right way. Why shoudln't I also give back my experiences to the Linux community? I got help fomr the community when I started to use Linux. Now it's my task to provide help forLinux newbees.

  1. For example to help them to configure their local network and how to get internet connectivity. In general  it's not that difficult - except you use special WLAN network cards. But very often the same basic config errors are done. I try to detect these common erros with my script collectNWData and to provide help how to fix the configuration errors. If that doesn't help the information collected helps other people in the Linux community to get valuable networking information and to help to isolate and fix the networking problems.
  2. Next to get experience with joomla. I like to learn new things at any time.
  3. And last but not least - to document any experiences I make with my local network and my local Linux systems for me and indeed also for the Linux community. It's in particular important for steps not executed every day. 

Today I finished to separate the combined English/German pages and non German vistors shouldn't get any pages written in German any more. Visitors using English as their default language in their browser but can read German can switch to the German pages by clicking the German flag on the top left of this page.

... Moin, Welcome, Salaam, Dobrodošli, 欢迎, Vítáme tĕ, Velkommen, Welkom, Bienvenue, Wolkom, Καλώς ορίσατε, Aloha, Shalom, स्वागत, Benvenuto, ようこそ, 환영합니다, Тавтай морилогту, Bem-vindo, Здравствуйте,Dzień dobry, Bienvenido, Välkommen, Mabuhay, Swaagatham, Merhaba, Ласкаво просимо ...
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