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A new version 0.6.5 of raspiBackup is available. It contains 7 bug fixes, 3 enhancements and 4 new features. Major new features and enhancements are follows:


1) Smart backup recycle strategy - also called grandfather-father-son rotationscheme supported. For details see here.

2) Notifications can be sent to Telegram in addition to emails.

3) Support update of UUID in addition to PARTUUID during restore if used in /etc/fstab. Primarily used in Ubuntu.

4) Better default buffersize is used for dd backups and will speed up backup time


5) Normal backup mode can be used even there exist more than 2 partitions. But first 2 partitions will be saved only.

6) Until now a notification is sent wehen the backup finished. Now it's possible to get a notification also when the backup starts.

For details see the change history


To install the new version use option -U and test the new version. If for some reasons you have to go back to the previous version use option -V. Due to the number of new features there are multiple new options added to the configuration file of raspiBackup. Visit this page for detailed information about the configuration update.

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