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Update: raspiBackup Release 0.6.6 was published on 12/14/2020 and the Beta is no longer available. Just use sudo -U to upgrade from the beta to stable release 0.6.6.


Beta 0.6.6 is available now for testing. Just visit this page to get details how to install and uninstall the beta.



Die Beta 0.6.6 ist jetzt verfügbar zum Testen. Wie man die Beta installiert und wieder deinstalliert steht hier beschrieben.




Test Git issue Test by framp
Verified by beta testers
Regression  N/A  Passed  
Accept language option #277  Passed  
Check for differences in -d and -R #275  Passed  
Backup any number of partitions #273  Passed  
Delete all files during uninstall #272  Passed  
Check whether whiptail is available #266  Verified  
Post plugins not called in case of failure #262  Passed  
Dynamic mount option #260  Passed  
Append log no longer documented #258  Verified  
Add coloring option in config file #257  Verified  
Check for spaces in pathnames #250  Verified  
Check for valid FS for rsync #247  Passed  
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