So many people from the community helped to improve the raspiBackup script with their comments and beta- and fix tests. It's time to mention them now.  I may have forgotten somebody given the amount of contacts I had. Please send an email to me (email see contact page) and remind me and I will add you to the list.



Following people helped to improve the functionality and quality of raspiBackup:


Note: The list is not complete. It's imposible for me to list every contact I had. I enjoyed to be in contact with all of you and please note: Even if you are not listed below you contributed to the functionality and quality of raspiBackup.


baLLi - Reported a bug and helped with logs and tests to identify the root cause for the bug and to fix it

beMoD - Reported an uggly timing issue and helped to find the resolution and tested it

Christian - Reported an issue with the language selection algorithm and tested the fix

dorf - Asked for sendEmail support and tested the improvement

Erik - Executed additional tests at the end of 0.6 Beta

ganfoud - Reported and issue with spaces in filenames and tested the fix

heelga - Suggested to add the parameter -Y and tested the new function

Ian - Reported also the issue with spaces in filenames and made some interesting suggestions to use the dropbox uploader as backup tagret

Jan - Reported an issue with the hostname and tested the fix

Markus - Suggested to save and restore an external root partition and tested the new function

Markus - Reported issues with Synonlogy and helped to test them

Martin - Suggested to add additional optional parameters for dd

Mattes - Reported  some outputs of the script are incorrect and tested the fix

Michi - Executed  restoretests because there were some restore issues

Robert - Pointed out that some parameters are missing in the config file and tested the fix

Sigi  - Tested Beta 0.6 (read further details about 0.6 beta)

Stephen - Tested the code changes required to support Raspberry3 running without SD card

Tommy - Reported  two issues in the new release 0.6 and tested the fix



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