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collectNWDataGUI uses python 2.7 and gtk. Therefore it should run on all distributions  which have Python 2.7 and gtk installed in the standard installation. The following distributions were tested with collectNWDataGUI:


 Distribution  Testresult

Fails on a standard installation. Python 3.0 is installed but Python 2.7 is required. If Python 2.7 is installed then collectNWDataGUI works fine.

Command to install Python 2.7: sudo apt-get install python2.7

 CentOS   OK
 Debian  OK
 Fedora  OK
 Kanotix  OK
 Mageia  OK
 Mint  OK
 OpenSuSE   OK
 Redhat  OK
 Siduction  OK

Fails on a standard installation. glade-gtk2 is missing. If it's installed then collectNWDataGUi works fine. 

Command to install glade-gtk2: sudo apt-get install glade-gtk2



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