Star InactiveStar InactiveStar InactiveStar InactiveStar Inactive started as a small script which I wrote because every time somebody had networking problems on a Linux system the same sequence of postings showed up: 'Pls post the output of this command' and then 'pls post the output of another command' and so on. That's inefficient and time consuming. The script collects a lot of network problem determination information and analyzes the system for common configuration errors. The error messages have links to webpages which give more detailed informations and hint how to fix the problem. If the wiki information doesn't help to fix the problem the logfile can be posted in a forum to provide detailed informations about the local network configuration for other people so they can help to fix the problem and will speed up the process..

This script analyzes network problems and is based on instructions given here (In German) from the now inactive LinuxClub Moderator Martin Breidenbach.
The first script version just executed all the commands in sequence which were suggested to collect network problem information and collected all output  in one file. That simplified the whole process because noone had to type in all the different commands any more.
At some point in time NWEliza evolved, a component, which also analyzes the system for common network problems. The errormessages point to websites which present additional help to solve the problem. Other people suggested additional info to collect for PD and how to improve NWEliza. Rain_Maker, TomcatMJ and Grothesk as members of the LinuxClub gave valuable input.
Most of the tips and suggestions for WLAN were provided by Rain_Maker (see here) and from Grothesk . Additional hints for WLAN were also provided by lwfinger .
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