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collectNWdataGUI runs on all distributions which have Python 2.7 and gtk installed per default and that's true for most distributions.

Here you find a list of supported distributions where collectNWDataGUI was tested successfully and hints what has to be done to get it running on Arch and Ubuntu.
Download and Invocation:
1) Open a console window. For KDE press ALT-F2 and enter konsole. For GNOME select Applications->Accessories->Terminal 
2a) If the script should NOT be executed on the current system because the system to test doesn't have any network connectivity (aplies also if a cable connection is OK but a wireless connection fails !) copy and paste the following  commands in the console just opened. This will download the script from the internet.
wget -O
ATTENTION -O is no zero but an uppercase O
Now copy to the other system (e.g. use a USB device)  and there invoke the script in a console window with
bash ./ 
2b) If the script should be executed on the current system copy and paste the following  commands in the console just opened. That way the script will be downloaded form the internet and be started immediately.
wget -O && bash ./ 
ATTENTION -O is no zero but an uppercase O
3) Enter required information. If you move your mouse over window elements you get a helptext which helps you to enter the correct information.
4) Check whether there are any configuration problems detected and follow the links to solve the problem on your own.
5) If there were no configuration problems detected or you can't fix the problems on your own it's important  to copy the contents from the clipboard on a nopaste service and post the nopaste link in your favorite Linux forum and the Linux community can help you to solve your problem.
As an alternative can be downloaded with your favorite browser and then start it with bash ./ 
More details for collectNWDataGUI including a list of all invocation parameters is here available. 
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