Star InactiveStar InactiveStar InactiveStar InactiveStar Inactive is a Python script, which allows to call convenient via a graphical interface. It's a shell script and contains the Python script, together with all other required files.

Details for the script can be found here .


1) Simple invocation of the command line script
2) Simple input for script by means of window elements
3) Simple access to the results of script in windows and clipboard. At the end of the analysis run all relevant data is available at a glance. extracts the script, one icon in addition to a desktop icon, which allows to call the script just with one click on the desktop next time. Invocation parameter -u deletes all files again. If there are anyl problems with the GUI aditional parameters can be passed to enable problem determination output.
Files created during installation
1) analysis script
2) collectNWDataGUI.jpg- icon
3) collectNWDataGUI.desktop on the desktop
4) collectNWDataGUI.err - if problemdetermination is enabled
5) collectNWDataGUI.trc  - if problemdetermination is enabled
6) pexpect.lic - Licence of pexpect used by the GUI
-d : Enables to enable script debugging functions in the GUI
-d s :  Enables the script debugging function immediately
-d g :  Enables the GUI debugging function immediately
-d e :  Enables the manual enablement of debug functions in the file menu
-h : Help
-e : Print information about locales used on the console.
-u : Deinstallation of script and deletion of all files created during installation
-l: The next parameter defines the language to use in the GUI (e.g. de_De or en_US)
-v : Print the program version
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