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  1. Where do I find instructions how to invoke the script?
  2. Why should I use the script?
  3. It's analyzing your system for network configuration problems and creates error messages which have links to websites, which explain how to get rid of the problem. That's how you can fix the problems on your own. If you can't fix the problem these information can be posted in a forum such that people get the most important network configuration information. Either they can give an answer immediately or they can ask for more specific information.

  4. Why should I call the script as root?
  5. There exist a lot of commands which collect important networking information but have to be executes as root. When the script is invoked it asks whether it should be run as root. If this is answered with no various error analysis is skipped and various helpful networking information cannot be collected. More details see here.

  6. I don't get my problems fixed with these error messages. What should I do?
  7. All network informations are combined in one output file. The information of this file will enable network gurus to quickly identify the source of your network problem so they are able to tell you what to do in order to get your network problem fixed.

  8. What about sensitive data?
  9. How should I post the results and where?
  10. There are two possibilities: Either you post the contents of collectNWData.out on public websites in the internet and then post the link in ony of your favorite Linux foren. Or you post the contents of the file directly in your favorite Linux forum. Pls check the forum rules for this.

  11. What's the script doing on my system?
  12. A lot of commands are executed to query network informations. No changes are done on your system.

  13. Is there any way to get a corrupted system by the script?
  14. No - never. Even if there is a programming error in the script. There are no commands used which modify the system in any way.

  15. Which distributions are supported by the script?
  16. It's initial target distribution was openSuSE. But now it also runs on most other Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Knoppix, Mint, Fedora, Slackware, Arch, CentOS .... For details see here

  17. How do I get new features included in the script?
  18. You have multiple choices: Either contact the author (See header of script for the eMail address) and explain which network information you're missing or how additional common network  configuration probelms can be detected by the script. Or change the script and send it to the author. But get in contact with the author before to discuss your changes.

  19. What should I do in order to get bugs of the script fixed?