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Any regognition of raspiBackup development- and maintenance effort and support of raspiBackup is greatly appreciated. There exist following donation alternatives:

1) Paypal: The eMail listed on the Contact page is known by PayPal and everybody owning a Paypal account can donate.

2) Bitcoins: Address is 13aXub22Sy3AvTKkj14yvnUdMQYJQFdbRo

3) Neither one: Just contact me per eMail (See Contact page) and we will find an alternative.


Everybody who donates will be listed below. If you don't want this please let me know.




Dirk: Many thanks for raspiBackup. sh and the quick and competent support! Greetings, Dirk.

Oliver: Many thanks for raspiBackup and the super support. Keep up the good work.

Pascal: Many thanks for the great tool raspiBackup and the unbeatable and helpful support on Easter Monday.

Arne Hemingway: Great program. Thanks for all your hard work.

Philipp: Thank you very much for your support for the last years and development of raspiBackup. Your tool already helped me out of trouble and will do this again somewhere in the future.

Timo: Thank you very much for the great and helpful application and immediate help.

Karsten: Donation raspiBackup Ric, thank you for your work and you share it with the world. You're an enrichment.

Andreas: Thank you very much for raspiBackup. I'm also a developer and play a lot with a Rpi. Thank you very much  !

David: Děkuji :-) - Thank you very much :-) in English

Nicolas: Many thanks for raspiBackup! I use Check_MK as a monitoring solution on Raspberry and need frequent full backups of my SD-card. Your script helped me to automate this backup.

Bernhard: Nice and competent service - thank you very much.

Florian: Thank you for this great tool! It's very helpful and makes it easy to frequently backup your raspberry pi. Have a few drinks on me ;)

Hans-Jürgen: A great tool. Thank you very much!

Gerhard: Hello Framp thank you very much for your great tool

Anonymous: Thanks a lot for your help and patience - I really appreciate your work.

Melanie: Thank you for raspibackup, really like it.

Michael: Thank you very much for raspiBackup! It's essential for me!

Jochen: Thank you very much for your great raspiBackup!

Andrej: Thank you very much for the great tool.

Frank: Many thanks for raspiBackup !!!

Steffen: Thank you very much for your effort, time and patience with raspiBackup. A great project.

Johannes: A small thank-you

Christian: Just want to thank you for raspiBackup, you have just saved my bacon as my SD card died.

Alexander: Thank you very much for your great work!

Daniel: Many thanks for your software ( raspiBackup) and your time.

Lars: Thank you for your help and programming of raspiBackup.  Chears!

Kurt: Thank you for all your dedicated work on raspiBackup and excellent support. Have a drink on me!

Peter: Hi Framp, many thanks for the huge amount of time time you spent on raspiBackup. It's a super tool and right now saved me a lot of hours to recover my Raspi which died right now. Please continue to work on raspiBackup. Greetings from Suisse.

Frank: raspiBackup super tool

Fabian: Rock on!

Martin: Just a small recognition for your effort and enormous engagement to create a tool like raspiBackup and give such a service. Hats off! My best wishes to you for the continued success and hope you'll continue to work on this tool for a long time. Geetings hmw.


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