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  • Primary features
    • Unattended full or incremental system backup with no shutdown of the system.
    • Backupy types
      • rsync
      • tar/tgz
      • dd/ddz
    • No manual intervention required. Backups are created via cron over night.
    • Important services can be stopped before starting the backup and will be restarted when the backup finished.
    • Any device mountable on Linux can be used as backup space (local USB disk, remote nfs drive, remote samba share, remote ssh server using sshfs, remote ftp server using curlftpfs, webdav drive using davfs, ...).
    • Supported systems
      • SD card only
      • USB disk or SSD only (USB boot mode)
      • SD card for boot and USB disk or SSD for root system (for Raspberries not able to use USB boot)
    • Messages and completion status of backup sent via eMail or Telegram.
    • Any additional logic can be added at various steps in the backup and restore process via extensionpoints.
    • Restored backup will boot immediately.
  • Backup strategies
    • Number of backup versions to keep configurable either for sum of backups or on individual backup types
    • Smart recycle backup strategy available (e.g. save backups of last 7 days, last 4 weeks, last 12 months and last n years) - also known as grandfather, father and son backup rotation principle. The smart recycle strategy algorithm was inspired by Manuel Dewalds great article Automating backups on a Raspberry Pi NAS
    • Manual backup allows to create a kind of snapshot of the system just before major updated are done on a system.
  • Linux backup tools used
    • Standard Linux backup tools dd, tar and rsync can be used to create a backup.
    • dd and tar are full backups. rsync uses hardlinks for incremental backups.
    • dd backups can be restored with Windows tools.
  • Installation
    • Menu driven installer installs and configures raspiBackup with all major options to get raspiBackup up and running in 5 minutes. Much more options can be configured in a configuration file.
  • Usability
    • National language support:
      • English (Default)
      • German
      • Finnish
      • Chinese
      • French
    • More than 270 messages inform about
      • Backup progress
      • Configuration mismatches
      • Environment mismatches
      • Runtime errors
  • Reliability
    • Automated regressiontests make sure a new release will still backup and restore successfully.
  • Serviceability
    • Extensive logging helps to isolate backup/restore issues.
  • Much more features
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