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AVM router allow to share the local storage from an USB stick or local USB disk  in the local network. The following page describes how to access the share from a Linux system.

First of all install smbfs 

sudo apt-get install smbfs
Now create following line in /etc/fstab:
// /media/fritz    cifs    noauto,noatime,user,utf8,umask=000,uid=1000,gid=1000,credentials=/etc/samba/auth. 0 0
Assumptions: AVM router has IP, the server name is Serverixand the drirectory which should be shared is called /media/fritz.
Now the access credentials have to be defined in  /etc/samba/auth.
In this example the ftp password is secret. To protect this password change the access rights so only root is able to read the password:
sudo chmod 600 /etc/samba/auth.
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