My docman installation displays the md5sum and crc in the documents section. Unfortunately there is no value displayed. Actually that's no issue for me because I don't need them but for  collectNWData I want to make sure the downloader can check the md5sum of the downloaded file. That's why I searched in the net and finally found out how to disable fileds in the details display in docman and how to fill in a md5sum.
If you want to remove some fields on the details of docman you have to edit the file components/com_docman/themes/default/themeConfig.php. All fiedls you don't want to display  should get a 0 in the corresponding line. In the following example I removed the maintainer and checksum.
var $details_maintainers = "0";
var $details_downloads = "1";
var $details_updated = "1";
var $details_homepage = "1";
var $details_crc_checksum = "0";
var $details_md5_checksum = "1";

The md5sum is also quite easy to insert - if you know how to do it. Just insert in the database in table jos_docman in the attribut attribs the following contents:
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