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A lot of time network problems are posted in foren in order to find people to help to solve them. A lot of problems are configuration problems which can be fixed easily by the problem poster. This script collects a lot of network information and passes them to the NWEliza component, which analyzes them for common configuration errors. Errormessages point to webpages on this website which help to fix the problems.

If there is no way to get the problem fixed the collected information is very helpful to be posted in a forum. Thus people don't have to ask every time the same questions and ak for the same information. To speed up the problem solving process the resulting file of the script can be posted which might enable people to give an answer directly or to ask specific question to fix the problem. is a shell script which helps everybody who has networkproblems on a Linux system to fix them. The system will be analyzed for common network configuration errors and error messages which help to solve the problem on your own will be created.If the network problem is an special problem the collected network information helps people in Linux forums to identify the network problems very fast and to help to solve them. 
I'm looking for people to translate the script messages into other languages. It should take not longer than 30 minutes for a native speaker: You find details about national language support and how to provide messages in your native languge on this page.  
If you find this script useful and want to refer to it I suggest to use the following link to this page which is much more self explanatory:  (Note the trailing e for English ;-) )
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