I planned to describe how to install the Python plugin pydev in Eclipse. But then I found following page which has a nice and complete  description already. mysqldb can be download from here.See links below how to install mysqldb in eclipse.
I just faced an issue I thought should be easy to solve. I wanted to know which Linux distribution a bash script runs on. There exists a proposal of the FSB (Free Standards Group) to implement lsb_release which delivers all the info.Unfortunately it's not implemented by all Linux distributions so I installed various distributions on VMWare to get a clue how to write code to extract the Linux distribution. Finally I wrote a bash script and python script to extract the Linux distribution.
That's an uggly message in Eclipse when you use Pydev. In particular when the Python code runs successfull even there is this message. It took me quite a while to figure out how to get rid of this annoying message and to get context assist for the modules.That's the way I solved the issue: