I backup my xbmc config on my raspberry pi with Linux and rsync.

On windows it's unfortunately not that easy. That's why I describe in the following paragraph how to create a backup on windows and how to restore a previous backup. In addition I provide two windows cmd files which execute the commands in sequence and make the backup and restore much easier. Three tools are requiered on windows: putty, pscp und plink which can be downloaded from the putty page. If you kick off the backup command with the at command on windows you will have an actual backup all the time.


Create backup:
1) Logon with putty on your pi and create a backup 
tar -czf backup.tar.gz .xbmc/
2) Open a console window on windows an change into the directory you downloaded all programs from putty website
3) Download the backup to your windows system
pscp pi@pi:/home/pi/backup.tar.gz .
Download windows command file to backup the xbmc config
Restore backup:
1) Upload the backup from windows to your pi
pscp backup.tar.gz pi@pi2:/home/pi/backup.tar.gz
2) Logon with putty on your pi and stop xbmc. In addition save the old xbmc config directory just in case
sudo initctl stop xbmc
mv /home/pi/.xbmc /home/pi/.xbmc_org
3) unzip the backup and restore the saved xbmc config
tar -xzf backup.tar.gz
4) Start of xbmc 
sudo initctl start xbmc
5) Cleanup if everything is OK now 

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