A lot of development and time consuming beta test was spent to get the new script release 0.6.1 of raspiBackup available. Ther are minor improvements (Details see versionshistorie) and in addition support for more than two partitions in the partitionoriented backup mode. Now it's possible to save and restore NOOBS images. Details of the differences between the two modes are describe here. Webpages describing the Backup and Restore are updated accordingly.


Current version is not available for download any more. Emergency fixes will be created if needed for some time. All new functions and features will be done on the new release 0.6.1 only.

The new release has a lot of changes and some old function was removed.  Therefore users of the old version don't get any notification about the new release when they invoke the script. With help of beta testers the new release was tested carefully but everybody who want's to use the new release should nevertheless test the backup and restore carefully.

Update 11/15/2015: It's strongly recommended to upgrade to version which saves the boot partition in every backup run. Otherwise the restore will fail if the boot partition is updated at some point in time (e.g. from 3 kernel to 4 kernel).

Many thanks to betatester Sigi, wo tortured his Raspis and SD cards and executed most of the beta tests, and Erik, who joind the small beta test team when the beta test was mostly finished and executed additional tests. Both found issues in the new release and helped to improve the quality of the script. In addition they forced me to add a lot of debug log statements which enable me to isolate issues very fast.

Statistics about the beta:

  1. 19 new versions of the beta script were created
  2. About 1000 lines of code were added and a lot of lines of code were modified
  3. 56 logfiles were sent by Sigi for problemdetermination of issues
  4. 17 reported defects by Sigi
  5. 6 logfiles were sent by Erik for problemdetermination of issues
  6. Erik reported 2 defects and a code merge issue with the previous script version
  7. One major improvement and four improvements were merged into the new release from the previous version

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