raspiBackup is supported for Raspberries only because I only own a Raspberry for tests. But it works for a lot of other SOCs like Cubieboard, Banana Pi, Odroid, Hummingboard, und Beagle Boards and is also successfully used on them. If you face any issues with your SOC create an issue in github and if you are willing to execute tests on your SOC with raspiBackup I'll enhance raspiBackup to support your SOC also assuming there are no major changes required.

The following table is a starting point and incomplete. If you as an owner of one of the other SOCs which run raspiBackup successfully please leave a comment and I add this information in the table.


SOC name Operatingsystem raspiBackup version Comments
Odroid Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS

Branch new_bootdevice_discovery

Based on 0.6.4

Backuptype DD  only creates a bootable image
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