The german computer magazin c't periodical No 5 from 2/20/2016 has multiple interesting articles about docker and how to create a wordpress installation very fast. The following article explains how to install docker on Linux Mint 17.1 and summarizes the commands explained in c't about docker and how to setup a local wordpress via docker. Additional commands about docker are also explained in addition how to create your own nginx docker image. Other articles in the computer magazin explain in detail the way docker works and how to orchestrate containers.


First of all the ssh key has to be generated with puttygen. Unfortunately the generated public key format is not 100% compatible with OpenSSH. Therefore the public keys

has to be modified in some way before it can be used on a OpenVPN server.
A ssh server is the most common way to access a server which is connected to the internet. Everybody who knows a userid and password or guesses them can access the server if the standard ssh configuration is used. If he succeeds to get root access the server can be compromized by the attacker and will be used as ftp-server, DOS client, mail SPAM sender ... and the owner of the server is liable for any activities of the attacker. That's awkward and can become quite expensive. The following page describeshow to modify the sshd config file to make the ssh server secure and protectagainst any attacks.
I'm bored to struggle with the compile issues of VMware Server on Linux. That's why I decided to use VMplayer. Unfortunately you cannot use multiple physical network cards in a VM - at least if you use the VMwareplayer GUI only. But you can if you add some lines in /etc/vmware/network and add and change some lines in the .vmx file of the Vm.