I'm bored to struggle with the compile issues of VMware Server on Linux. That's why I decided to use VMplayer. Unfortunately you cannot use multiple physical network cards in a VM - at least if you use the VMwareplayer GUI only. But you can if you add some lines in /etc/vmware/network and add and change some lines in the .vmx file of the Vm.
This page helped me to figure out how to get it done.

1) eth0 and eth1 exist on the host system, are connected to a real network and have IPs and
2) The VM has two bridged nics defined
The VM should be able to access the physical nics eth0 and eth1 on the virtual nics eth0 und eth1 in bridged mode:
I added following lines in /etc/vmware/networking:
add_bridge_mapping eth1 2
answer VNET_2_INTERFACE eth1

The vmx file of the VM got following new and modified lines:
ethernet0.connectionType="custom" (was "bridged")

Finally I was able to access the real nics eh0 and eth1 from the VM.
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