raspiBackup now got a UI installer which allows to install raspiBackup quite easy and to update the primary configuration options. The installation uses menus and selection lists.

Installer is called raspiBackupInstall  and is installed as follows:

curl -s -L -o raspiBackupInstall -O https://www.linux-tips-and-tricks.de/de/downloads/raspiBackupInstall/download && sudo bash raspiBackupInstall 

Now you can select the install menu which install raspiBackup by using a standardconfiguration (see below). All primary configuration options now can be updated in the configuration menu. Finally you can enable the weekly backup run started by cron.

The installer ist still in beta status. If there are any issues please report the issue in a comment or even better - create in github an issue. As a fallback use the old installer which has no menus and is much more simple. In addition the functionality is reduced.




Screenshot at 2018 12 19 21 24 10



Screenshot at 2018 12 19 21 24 33


Standard configuration:

Option Setting
Backuppath /backup
Backupmode normal
Backuptype rsync
Language System language
Zip no
Messagedetails normal
Backup number 3
Backup day Sunday
Backup time 05:00 AM

For details about the options see here.


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