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raspiBackup users who made a donation commented as follows:


Nicolas: Many thanks for raspiBackup! I use Check_MK as a monitoring solution on Raspberry and need frequent full backups of my SD-card. Your script helped me to automate this backup.


Bernhard: Nice and competent service - thank you very much.

Florian: Thank you for this great tool! It's very helpful and makes it easy to frequently backup your raspberry pi. Have a few drinks on me ;)

Hans-Jürgen: A great tool. Thank you very much!

Gerhard: Hello Framp thank you very much for your great tool

Anonymous: Thanks a lot for your help and patience - I really appreciate your work.

Melanie: Thank you for raspibackup, really like it.

Michael: Thank you very much for raspiBackup! It's essential for me!

Jochen: Thank you very much for your great raspiBackup!

Andrej: Thank you very much for the great tool.

Frank: Many thanks for raspiBackup !!!

Steffen: Thank you very much for your effort, time and patience with raspiBackup. A great project.

Johannes: A small thank-you

Christian: Just want to thank you for raspiBackup, you have just saved my bacon as my SD card died.

Alexander: Thank you very much for your great work!

Daniel: Many thanks for your software ( raspiBackup) and your time.

Lars: Thank you for your help and programming of raspiBackup.  Chears!

Kurt: Thank you for all your dedicated work on raspiBackup and excellent support. Have a drink on me!

Peter: Hi Framp, many thanks for the huge amount of time time you spent on raspiBackup. It's a super tool and right now saved me a lot of hours to recover my Raspi which died right now. Please continue to work on raspiBackup. Greetings from Suisse.

Frank: raspiBackup super tool

Fabian: Rock on!

Martin: Just a small recognition for your effort and enormous engagement to create a tool like raspiBackup and give such a service. Hats off! My best wishes to you for the continued success and hope you'll continue to work on this tool for a long time. Geetings hmw.


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