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raspiBackup is used in following 61 countries (as of 09/21/2020)

AE United Arab Emirates

AR Argentina

AT Austria

AU Australia 

BA Bosnia and Herzegovina

BE Belgium

BG Bulgaria

BR Brasila

CA Canada

CH Suisse

CM Kamerun

CO Colombia

CN China

CY Cyprus

CZ Czech Republic

DE Germany

DK Denmark

DZ Algeria

EE Estonia

EG Egypt

ES Spain

EU Europe

FI Finland

FR France

GB United Kingdom

GL Greenland

GR Greece

HR Kroata

HU Hungury

ID Indonesia

IE Irland

IL Israel

IN India

IT Italy

JP Japan

KZ Kazakhstan

KR South Corea

LT Lithuania

LU Luxemburg

LV Latvia

MD Moldovia

MT Malta

MX Mexico

NL Netherlands

NO Norway

NZ New Zealand

PL Poland

PT Portugal

RO Romania

RS Serbia

RU Russia

SE Sweden

SG Singapore SI Slowenia

SK Slovakia

TH Thailand

TR Turkey

TW Taiwan

UA Ukraine

US United States of Amerika

ZA Zaire


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