Today I installed Ubuntu 8.10 on VMware workstation. The installation was quite easy and I'm impressed the HW requirements are very low. Unfortunately I had problems to install VMware tools in Ubuntu.
I installed VMWare Server V 2.0.2 on my Windows XP system and tried to logon on the Wb GUI. I used my administrator account and the corresponding password. UnfortunatelyI wasn't able to logon. A quick google session helped me: If you are logged on to a LAN domain you have to prefix your local username which has to have administrator rights with the domainname and a trailing \. I had to use FRAMP\framp and the password of my local user framp.
You have to build a new Linux kernel in order to apply the patch. Frankly I created a Linux kernel the first time. But it's not that difficult. But it may take some time depending on your processor power to builld the whole linux kernel.