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You have to build a new Linux kernel in order to apply the patch. Frankly I created a Linux kernel the first time. But it's not that difficult. But it may take some time depending on your processor power to builld the whole linux kernel.
That's what I did:
1) Installation of  following packages with yast: kernel-source, linux-kernel-headers und gc++
2) Download of this patch
3) Change init_task.c according the patch description
4) cd /usr/src/linux/
5) make cloneconfig && make modules_prepare
6) edit .config and change line CONFIG_LOCALVERSION. I just appended _VMware
7) make
8) make modules_install
9) make install
10) cp *.tar /usr/linux/vmware/modules/sourefrom the patch path
11) Restart of the system and select the new kernel in grub 
12) Finally call You will get a long list of compile warnings - but at the end the VMware server installation terminates successully. You now can start VMware serve and run VMware images.
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