A lot of time network problems are posted in foren in order to find people to help to solve them. A lot of problems are configuration problems which can be fixed easily by the problem poster. This script collects a lot of network information and passes them to the NWEliza component, which analyzes them for common configuration errors. Errormessages point to webpages on this website which help to fix the problems.
If there is no way to get the problem fixed the collected information is very helpful to be posted in a forum. Thus people don't have to ask every time the same questions and ak for the same information. To speed up the problem solving process the resulting file of the script can be posted which might enable people to give an answer directly or to ask specific question to fix the problem.
The script should be executed because otherwise important information will be missing. Anyhow there are nochanges done on the system - for sure! There are only commands executed which collect information but don't modify the system. So there is no danger the system will be modified by accident or a script error at all. 
Usage (Console)
  1. Download this script
  2. Open a command window
  3. cd ~/Download
  4. chmod 700 collectNWData
  5. ./collectNWData (Attention! There is a period in front of / !!!)
  6. Check whether NWEliza found some configuration problems and follow the given hints to solve the problem on your own
  7. If no problems were reported by NWEliza then upload the contents of collectNWData.txt (You find it in the same directory you downloaded the script into) to a nopaste Service and then post the link in your favorite Linux forum.
Usage (GUI)
WLAN keys, MAC addresses and public IP addresses will be automatically masqueraded by the script. But there may be also other sensitive local information collected by the script (e.g. internal and external dns names, ...) which you might not want to publish. It's strongly recommended to review the script results and masquerade sensitive information with @@@ before it's posted. Details of the masquerading
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