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Wordpress is a commonly used CMS. But unfortunately a lot of people don't know access to internal data is possible for everybody via the JSPN-API if not explicitely disabled. Frankly I also didn't know this until now. Everybody using Wordpress should make sure to protect the JSON-API by requiring authentication for the API. Execute following steps to protect your Wordpress JSON-API:


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WEP is unsecure and whoever still uses WEP can just turn off the WLAN security. There is no difference. It doesn't take longer than 10 minutes to crack the WEP key. WPA is secure. But unfortunatly the security is as powerfull as the WLAN password ist. There exist tools which try to crack the password with brute force attacks.
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Heartbleed is a coding bug in the OpenSSL component, which allows to get the OpenSSL heartbeat to expose sensitive data. There are a lot of reasons to use OpenSource but unfortunately this issue also uncovers a major drawback.

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You most probably didn't notice the green lock in your browser when you visit this website. Access to any page of this website is now redirected to HTTPS and thus any data will be transferred encrypted all the time. There are no creditcard numbers or other sensible information transferred from and to this website. Edward Snowden fortunately made us aware that there are people unseen listening on the internet traffic. There is no need to secure any access to this webpage but nevertheless every access is now encrypted and secure.

Qualsys SSL reports the rating of the ssl encryption as A