From time to time a Linux user want's to get a more detailed view about his system: That will be CPU utilization, netowkr information, disks and IO etc. On Linux fortunately there are a lot of different tools available. 

Following list are the tools I use most. Visit 20 Command Line Tools to Monitor Linux Performance to get a more detailed description for the tools mentioned below and a list of much more available tools.

  1. top - Linux Process monitoring
  2. vmstat - Virtuell memory statistics
  3. lsof - List of open files
  4. tcpdump - network packet analyzer
  5. netstat - Network statistics
  6. htop - Linux Process monitoring
  7. iotop - Monitor Linux disk I/O
  8. iostat - Input/output statistics
  9. IPTraf - Realtime network monitoring
  10. iftop - Network bandwidth monitoring
  11. nload - Network usage monitoring
  12. nuttcp - Network performance measurement
  13. atop - (CPU, disk IO, memory ...)

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