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Following article describes how I create Youtube Videos from my computer screen with as little effort as possible.



Requires tools

  1. vokoscreen
  2. ffmpeg
  3. Kaffeine


Required hardware

  1. Linux computer
  2. Headset



  1. Create video contents, i.e. a presentation with Libreoffice, prepare command line windows to enter commands, ...
  2. Setup different workspaces which you can quickly jump to during video recording with  CTRL ALT <- oder CTRL ALT ->
  3. Start vokoscreen with CTRL SHIFT F10
  4. Execute what you want to show on your computer
  5. Stop vokoscreen with CTRL SHIFT F11 or pause with CTRL SHIFT F12
  6. Convert the mkv file into a mp4 file with ffmpeg -i Quelle.mkv -codec copy Ziel.mp4
  7. Upload your video to Youtube



vokoscreen FAQ

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