Currently this website uses Joomla 1.0 which is quite outdated. That's why all articles will be migrated to Joomla 1.6. The Red Evolutions template called Aphelion is also offered for Joomla version 1.6. There are some customizations required to get the same look and feel like for the 1.0 version  The following page summarizes the customization steps.

The Joomla upgrade to 1.6 changed standard naming conventions. That's why some template module names in Aphelion were changed. There is a folder called resources in the template zip file which has files called moduleposition in jpg and png format. That's helpful to customize the Aphelion template.

Actually 3 different types of customizations were needed:
1) Change various modulepositions and turn off the Menu Title
2) Erase search display text
When you have imported the Aphelion template following steps have to be performed:
1) Extensions->ModuleManager
a) top -  set show title to hide 
b) Set Main menu to left and show title to hide. Set module assigment to on all pages 
c)  Set Latest news to position-10. Set module assigment to on all pages 
d)  Set Articles most read to position-11. Set module assigment to on all pages 
e) Breadcrumbs -  Set show title to hide. Set module assigment to on all pages
2) Extensions->ModuleManager
a) Set search to search and set show title to hide. Fill box label with one space.

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