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Following enviroment variations exist for raspiBackup in next release 0.6.2 which supports Raspi3. For all new features available in this beta see this page. Resource constraints limited the number of variations tested. Please add a comment when you successfully tested a variation which is not marked as tested. If you don't know for sure whether your scenario was already covered in the table don't hesitate to ask. We'll figure this out.

How do you have to read the tables?

The dimension table depicts the parameters which influence the backup and restore process. For backup it's for example

1) Raspi version: Raspberry version less than or equal 3

2) Boot device: Whether the Raspberry is booted from SD card or in USB boot mode from USB stick or disk

3) Backup type: raspiBackup type (Option -t) - dd, tar or rsync

4) Backup mode: raspiBackup de normal or partition oriented (Option -P)

5) External root partition: raspiBackup saves an external root partition if booted from SD card


The test backup matrix is a subset of the theoretically possible 32 variations of all test variation dimensions.

Test# 1b reads as follows:

1) Raspberry version which was used to create the backup was < 3.

2) Boot device was SD

3) tar backup was created

4) backup mode was normal

5) no external root partition, i.e. the root partition also resides on SD card.


The test restore matrix is a subset of the theoretically possible 64 variations of all test variation dimensions and reads in a similar way.


Backup test variation dimensions

Raspi version  Boot device
 backup type  backup mode  external root partition
 =3  USB  tar  normal  yes
 <3  SD  rsync  partition  no


Backup test matrix (Testcoverage 12 of 19 = 63%)

Test# Raspi version Boot device
backup type backup mode external root partition Tested
1a1  <3 SD dd normal N/A  yes
1a2 =3 SD dd normal N/A  
1A3 <3 USB dd normal N/A  
1a4 =3 USB dd normal N/A  yes
1b  <3 SD tar normal no  yes
2b  <3 SD tar normal yes  
3b  <3 SD rsync normal no  yes
4b  <3 SD rsync normal yes  yes
5b  <3 SD tar partition N/A  yes
6b  <3 SD rsync partition N/A  yes
7b =3 SD tar normal no  
8b =3 SD tar normal yes  
9b =3 SD rsync normal no  
10b =3 SD rsync normal yes  yes
11b =3 SD tar partition N/A  
12b =3 SD rsync partition N/A  
13b           duplicate
14b =3 USB tar normal N/A  yes
14b =3 USB rsync normal N/A  yes
16b =3 USB tar partition N/A  yes
17b =3 USB rsync partition N/A  yes


Restore test variation dimensions

Backup Raspi version  Restore Raspi version
Boot device External root partition Backup type Backup mode
 =3  =3  SD  yes tar normal
 <3 <3  USB  no rsync partition


Restore test matrix (Testcoverage 7 of 19 = 37%)

Test# Backup Raspi version  Restore Raspi version
Boot device External root partition
Backup type Backup mode Tested
0r1 <3 <3 SD N/A dd normal  yes
0r2 <3 =3 SD N/A dd normal  
0r3 =3 <3 SD N/A dd normal  
0r4 =3 =3 SD N/A dd normal  
 1r  <3  <3  SD  no  tar  normal  yes
 2r  <3  <3  SD  no  rsync  normal  yes
 3r  <3  <3  SD  no  tar  partition  yes
 4r  <3  <3  SD  no  rsync  partition  yes
 5r  <3  <3  SD  no  dd  normal  yes
 6r  <3  <3  SD  yes  tar  normal  
 7r  <3  <3  SD  yes  rsync  normal  
 8r  =3  =3  USB  N/A  tar  normal  
 9r  =3  =3  USB  N/A  tar  partition yes
 10r  =3  =3  USB  N/A  rsync  normal  
 11r  =3  =3  USB  N/A  rsync  partition  
 12r  =3  <3  USB  N/A  tar  normal  
 13r  =3  <3  USB  N/A  tar  partition  
 14r  =3  <3  USB  N/A  rsync  normal  
 15r  =3  <3  USB  N/A  rsync  partition  
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