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Whenever an upgrade to a new version of raspiBackup is executed it's tested whether the new version has new configuration options. If there are new configuration options used the local configuration file will be merged into a new file with the new configuration file while upgrading raspiBackup. Following page describes in detail what's going on during a configuration update.


If a version less than 0.6.5 is upgraded the configuration file merge has to be started manually after upgrading. Following command will start the configuration update:

sudo --updateConfig


When the two configuration files are merged raspiBackup writes various information messages. Following messages are written when upgrading raspiBackup from v0.6.4.3 to v0.6.5:

--- RBK0241I: Merging current configuration v0.1.3 with new configuration v0.1.4 into /usr/local/etc/raspiBackup.conf.merged.
--- RBK0248I: Added option DEFAULT_SMART_RECYCLE=0.
--- RBK0248I: Added option DEFAULT_SMART_RECYCLE_OPTIONS="7 4 12 1".
--- RBK0248I: Added option DEFAULT_TELEGRAM_TOKEN="".
--- RBK0248I: Added option DEFAULT_TELEGRAM_CHATID="".
--- RBK0248I: Added option DEFAULT_NOTIFY_START=0.
--- RBK0248I: Added option DEFAULT_COLORING="CM".
--- RBK0243I: Configuration merge finished successfullly but not activated.
!!! RBK0245W: Backup current configuration in /usr/local/etc/raspiBackup.conf.bak and activate updated configuration? y/N


Configuration file


will be created and receive the merged configuration files /usr/local/etc/raspiBackup.conf with the new configuration . RBK248 lists which changes are applied. Finally you have to answer the question whether you want to activate the merged configuration file. The existing configuration file will be saved in /usr/local/etc/raspiBackup.conf.bak. Do you answer with yes the configuration update is finished and you get following messages

--- RBK0240I: Saving current configuration /usr/local/etc/raspiBackup.conf to /usr/local/etc/raspiBackup.conf.bak.
--- RBK0244I: Merged configuration /usr/local/etc/raspiBackup.conf.merged copied to /usr/local/etc/raspiBackup.conf and activated.

That's the easiest way to activate the merged configuration file and you're done quickly.

But you also can answer no and the merged configuration file will not be activated. You get following message:

--- RBK0247I: Now review /usr/local/etc/raspiBackup.conf.merged and copy the configuration file to /usr/local/etc/raspiBackup.conf to finish the configuration update.

The new options in the merged configuration file can easily be identified:

# Smart recycle
# >>>>> NEW OPTION added in config version "0.1.4" <<<<<
# Smart recycle dryrun
# >>>>> NEW OPTION added in config version "0.1.4" <<<<<
# Smart recycle parameters (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly)
# >>>>> NEW OPTION added in config version "0.1.4" <<<<<

Now use your editor and check /usr/local/etc/raspiBackup.conf.merged and change the contents if needed. Finally copy the merged configuration file to /usr/local/etc/raspiBackup.conf to activate the new configuration file.

Finally execute as usual whenever you upgraded raspiBackup a backup/restore cycle and test whether everything still works as before.

raspiBackup supports usage of different configuration files. The automatic configuration update is only done for /usr/local/etc/raspiBackup.conf. All other configuration files have to be updated manually. Just copy the lines marked as new configuration lines into the other configuration files.

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