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raspiBackupInstallUI and raspiBackup right now writes messages in German and English only. But both are able to write messages in any language from a coding point of view (I18N). Unfortunately I'm a German native speaker and can speak English and a little bit French and thus I'm unable to add any other language (L10N) and need help on this. Anybody who is willing to help to add support for a new language other than German and English is welcome. Just add your interest in a comment on this page and I will guide and help you to add new messages in your native language to raspiBackupInstallUI and raspiBackup.

Right now following languages are supported:

EN - English
DE - German
FI - Finnish
ZH - Chinese
FR - French

There exist two files which write messages: raspiBackup and raspiBackupInstallUI. Latter should get all messages translated into another language wheras raspiBackup may get new messages. It's up to you. If a language is not supported in raspiBackup English is used.

Following steps have to be done to add a new language to raspiBackupInstallUI and optionally to raspiBackup:

1) For every message a new line in the code for the new language has to be added. Example:

MSG_EN[$MSG_RUNASROOT]="RBK0002E: $MYSELF has to be started as root. Try 'sudo %s%s'."
MSG_DE[$MSG_RUNASROOT]="RBK0002E: $MYSELF muss als root gestartet werden. Benutze 'sudo %s%s'."
MSG_FI[$MSG_RUNASROOT]="RBK0002E: $MYSELF tulee käynnistää root-oikeuksin. Suorita 'sudo %s%s'."

The line starting with MSG_FI was added in order to support Finnish. Just use MSG_<LL> where LL are the first two characters of your $LANG. Example for German:

echo $LANG

and thus LL is DE.

2) The help text in raspiBackup may optionally also be translated. For every language a bash function usageLL() may be created which has to follow bash syntax. Just use the existing function usageEN as a template.

3) Finally to enable the new language the following line in the code has to be updated:


change to


where LL is the id of the new language. To enable Finnish the line was changed to




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