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From time to time I get a hanging mouse on my Lenvovo Thinkpad. My system runs a Debian Linux on Mint 13.  At this point in time /var/log/syslog has multiple lines of the following format:

Feb 16 13:06:24 majestix kernel: [30109.311850] psmouse serio4: TouchPad at isa0 060/serio4/input0 lost sync at byte 1

That's annoying and I searched in the net and finally found a workaround I describe below.

Root cause seems to the CPU frequency scaling, which uses the ondemand governor. If the performance governor is used the issue is gone because the mouse driver doesn't loose it's synchronization any more. Edit in /etc/init.d/ondemand

the following line

echo -n ondemand > $CPUFREQ


echo -n performance > $CPUFREQ

 Power consumtion will be now have a minor increase but there is no annoying mouse hang any more.


Ubuntuusers: Maus bzw. Touchpad hängt ständig - lost sync!

Archlinux Wiki: Touchpad synchronization issues

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