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Here I described how to configure a local mailman server. From time to time a new operating system version has to be installed and the mailman configuration and data has to be migrated to the new installation. Fortunately It's quite easy if you execute some additional steps after mailman installation.
1) Install mailman on the new system
2) Copy folder mailman/data, mailman/archives and mailman/lists from the old system to the new system. Use 
tar cf - * | ( cd /target; tar xfp -) to copy the folders in order to keep all owners and access rights. You find the folders on openSuSE and Ubuntu/Mint under  /var/lib.
3a)  On openSuSE update in /etc/sysconfig/apache2 and add parameter MAILMAN to the  APACHE_SERVER_FLAGS.
3b) On Ubuntu/Mint you have to add the following line in .fetchmailrc in the poll statement if you migrate from openSuSE where is the local mailhost configured in postfix
    no dns aka
4)  Read this article and copy all other files mentioned in the article.
5) Start mailman 
Mailman migration is faster than you think
Fetchmail man page
Multidrop configuration help (fetchmail mailinglist)
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