Apache rewrite rules are very powerful to rewrite URLs of a website by using the .htccess file. Unfortunately there is no way to debug these rulesif you don't have any access to the Apache installation. That's a common issue of users of managed servers. YOu have to execute a trial and error cycle in order to get your rules right. If you follow some rules you will be successfull to create your rules and don't affect any visitors of your website.

My docman installation displays the md5sum and crc in the documents section. Unfortunately there is no value displayed. Actually that's no issue for me because I don't need them but for  collectNWData I want to make sure the downloader can check the md5sum of the downloaded file. That's why I searched in the net and finally found out how to disable fileds in the details display in docman and how to fill in a md5sum.
Currently this website uses Joomla 1.0 which is quite outdated. That's why all articles will be migrated to Joomla 1.6. The Red Evolutions template called Aphelion is also offered for Joomla version 1.6. There are some customizations required to get the same look and feel like for the 1.0 version  The following page summarizes the customization steps.
Frankly I don't understand why there are top level domain entries generated by joomlastats which are incorrect. I detected IPs which are marked to be from US but are definitively not from the US. Therefore I created  a PythonScript which updates the incorrect entries in the database. The ripe database is queried and the correct county extracted. The ripe query does take time and if you have a bigger database you have to be patient for the updates to complete. You can download the scriptfrom here . You have to pass the following invocation parameters: hstname, username, password and databasename. Then you have to be patient. Finally all your domain entries are correct now.