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PiShrink is a useful tool to compress backups created with win32diskimager and other windows tools as a full backup to reduce them to a minimum size.

It's a hack and works a lot of time. Unfortunatey there are a lot of situations you get an ugly error message which are created because of missing checks in the code.



I tried to get this hack to become a tool which can be used by everybody but Drewsif is not interested in this. Any PRs are ignored together with issues. Interesting enough Drewsif woke up of his deep sleep and immedately blocked me in github because I criticized him. So he has no  interest do get PiShrink to become a valuable and maintained tool for the communtity. He gives a really bad example of how not to run an open source project.


Update 02.2023

Groundhog seems to have been woken up by me and has answered and closed Issues. PR have not been handled. I am curious how long the groundhog will stay awake.


Update 07.2023

Since February 2023 nothing happend in github. The groundhog sleeps again and has no interest on the quality of his tool :-(((


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