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raspiBackup has a new logo. Friendly forum members from the German Raspberry forum helped me to create one.
Icon rot blau final 256
It represents the SD card that is backed up (now it is usually an SSD - but when raspiBackup was created it was always an SD card). The red folder at the bottom is the backup folder. And the little paperclip at the bottom right makes sure that the backups don't fall out of the upside down backup folder laugh and the green arrows indicate the respective backup and restore process.

Enjoy the various logos which were created in the design thread:


floppy disk sd raspiBackup 600x600 icon raspiBackup1 icon raspiBackup2 icon raspiBackup7 icon raspiBackup8
icon raspiBackup13 icon raspiBackup14 icon raspiBackup16 icon raspiBackup17 icon raspiBackup19
icon raspiBackup1 Image1´10 Image2 Image3 Image110
raspiBackup Turm k raspiBackup Turm k2 raspiBackup Turm k3 raspiBackup Turm k4 raspiBackup Turm k5
raspiBackup raspiBackup 1 raspiBackup2 raspiBackup 3 raspiBackup f2
raspiBackup f4 sd card 3 p sd card 6 tr sd card gb 2 256 SDCard
SDCard4 SdCard6 SdCard7 SdCard7 rot SdCard15
SdCard16 SdCard18 SdCard19 SdCard22 Icon rot blau final 64


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